I’ve had a few people ask me about cravings.
Nope. No cravings up in here.
Everything. Sounds. Terrible.

I have such a strong enough aversion to coffee that we had to set it up in the still-unfinished addition of our house on Christmas, so people could go out there for coffee and put a lid on it before coming back into the house.
I’m sure my friends at Art Bar think I’ve just abandoned them altogether since I haven’t been able to go in there for weeks and weeks.

Today I tried to grocery shop.
Well, I suppose I successfully shopped, but Everything. Sounded. Terrible.

I am extremely low energy because of all the Baby Growing business, but also because I am likely not getting enough fuel into my body because nothing is appealing.

I know, without doubt, that I currently have it much easier than many women:
I have only actually vomited ONE time, though there’ve been a number of other times I avoided it by lying down, or laying my head on the table for a while, etc.
I also have an odd job with flexible hours, which is currently in its calmest moment of the year. I don’t HAVE TO get up every morning and get my butt going, which is good because it takes me a while.

To those women who have proven to the world that you can be pregnant and still hang with the die hard business-people of the world, I tip my hat to you! For my teacher friends who taught/teach full time while pregnant, KUDOS! (Seriously, I do not understand how you do this.) I’m barely functioning up in here.

But I have an incredibly supportive husband and flexible work.
Praises be.

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