Room to Grow

It turns out the poster board I bought for my 2020 vision board is a bit larger than those from the last two years.
At first I was feeling overwhelmed by the empty space and the need to fill it up, and then I realized: No. This is exactly what it is supposed to be.

This whole growing-a-baby-in-my-body thing is just too big to wrap my head around.
The changes this child will bring to our life are mostly mysterious, and I don’t know how to expand the vision beyond these things:

Healthy pregnancy.
Healthy birth.
Healthy baby.
A reminder of God’s grace in my life and to give myself grace.
A reminder to be present in the moment.
A reminder that courage is born from vulnerability.
Keep my heart open.

There’s open space on the board to add things as they come up, or track things as we go. Ultrasound photos when we get more. Notes about big changes/epiphanies.

I’ve also got some personal health goals and tracking systems on there.
Some work goals.
Write 52 blog posts (here’s #1).
Read 36 books.
Pay off some debt (while paying for pregnancy and birth–it’s expensive, y’all. More on that another time.)

And maybe…just MAYBE…we’ll be able to get back to Chicago in 2020 for a visit. Fingers crossed.

I’ve found peace with all that white space.
I’m finding peace with my growing body that I’d been working so hard to shrink back down.

I need room to grow.

Here’s to a year of growth.

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