2020: Year of Big Change

2019 Vision Board

For the past couple Decembers, I have created a vision board for the coming year with goals, aspirations, and inspirations.

Some of the aims I hit; some I miss by a mile; some never even make it to the stove, let alone the front burner, but ALL of them come much closer to fruition by putting them out there.

I maybe had 10 dates with Matty J this year, but we also worked together on MACBETH (another 2019 aim), which meant we got to spend A LOT more time together than is typical for those six weeks.

I’m around 150 workouts and 70 Clancy walks (poor Clancy. So dependent on the weather and my wellness. Whenever we don’t walk, we play fetch-the-toy, so he’s still getting SOME exercise every day.)

Working on my 2020 vision board is proving to be challenging.
I have the board.
We’ve set some big, hairy goals for Flatwater Shakespeare and are already working toward them.
The exercise and Clancy Walk goals will likely stay the same.


Big Change is coming.
And it’s so big, I hardly know where to begin in visualizing what the year will hold.
I have so much work to do before Big Change comes.
It’s very exciting.
And scary.
And overwhelming.

And, also, I’ve generally felt like garbage for a month (as I understand it, this should be improving very soon), which has made everything hard.

Matt reminds me to give myself grace.
He has afforded me so much grace.

This is going to take faith.
And money that is currently a mystery.
We have faith that God will provide.
We have faith it will be worth it.

2020 will certainly be a year of Big Change.
(We’re gonna need a lot of help.)

So….tomorrow, perhaps, I will just start with the words Big Change in the middle of my vision board and go from there.

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