Hi! I’m Summer Lukasiewicz.
(That wild mix of letters is pronounced loo-ka-sav-itch. It’s Polish.)

I am a freelance grant writer and copywriter. I’m here to lift some burden off my clients’ shoulders by providing written content for nonprofits, artists, and small businesses.

Narratives for grant applications, letters of intent, newsletters, blog posts, marketing materials–customized for each individual project and company to capture your voice and reach your audience.

Having served as the Executive Artistic Director for Flatwater Shakespeare Company for four years, I have significant experience writing grants for arts organizations and an insider’s view of the nonprofit world.

My theatre degree and language arts teacher certification collide in grant- and copywriting where I am able to represent each client, capturing their unique voice and authentically telling their stories.

I am here to free up time and provide peace of mind for my clients, so they can focus on what they love to do.

What I’ve been working on…