In 2013, American author Jon Gordon posted a video to YouTube called “One Word That Will Change Your Life.” He explains the power of choosing a word for the year to set a trajectory for growth and positive change.

I discovered it a few years ago and starting choosing a word each new year, like “Create” and “Compound”. Some years my word has drifted to the background–2020 and 2021 were not real solid. But other years it has enhanced my focus or at least been a touchstone to return to when I felt I was drifting.

*My friend Dani recently shared about her 2022 word, Renew, on her podcast Glitter and Grace. It’s definitely worth a listen for another perspective on the power of choosing a one-word focus for the year.*

Late last year, I read the book Chasing Daylight by Erwin Raphael McManus. The concept that stood out to me most, that I continue to think about is this:
“Potential is a glimpse of what could be, yet there must be a shift from where we have potential to where we are potent… no one moves from potential to maximum capacity without the help of others. Often lost potential is the result of lack of investment.”

How do I move from having all this potential to being potent?
My word for 2022 is MOVE.

It was clear to me almost right away, then my friend posted this memory on Facebook (originally posted in 2010): “…a rudder only works when the boat is moving. That is how it is with knowing the will of God. Get yourself moving and He will direct you. Even if you are going in the “wrong” direction, He can get you turned around. A life of faith is the greatest adventure you will ever know.”
Confirmation: MOVE.

I need to move my body.
I *know* I feel better when I move my body every day. So, I’ve begun to rebuild the exercise routine I lost during pregnancy. –When I was pregnant, I only got sick one time, but I had reflux any time I bent over or laid flat, so even gentle yoga became problematic.

Moving jobs.
In the summer of 2021, I gave my resignation to the job I’ve had for the past four years. I continued to do the work for six months and was able to pass the baton to the new leadership this month.
Time to move forward.
I’ve begun freelance grant- and copywriting. I have a couple clients I’ve done regular writing for over the past few months and met with a potential new client this week.
I’m working on my website.
Making moves.

More than anything, as I strive to move from potential to potent, I want to trust God with the rudder. Even when it seems too hard or too much.
And He’s moving us.

We came back to Nebraska in 2009 and have lived in Blue Hill since 2012.
We’re invested in this area and are just finally completing a four-year home renovation.
The house is beautiful.
And we’re moving.
To a new even-smaller town. (Population 87)
To a new job for Matt. (Maintenance director for a camp we love.)
To where we’ve been called to go.

Just like God to change the story right when we think we’re getting things figured out.

Moving my body.
Moving my life.
Trusting God will move within it all.
What mountains will He move?
Here’s to moving from potential to potent in 2022.

I heard this worship song for the first time this month: We Need A Move.

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