Part of MOVE 2022 is a dramatic move from employee to free lancer.
The work of writing copy and grants and creating blog posts and newsletters all involve skills I’ve developed over a couple decades of experience in school and in the field, but the business of free lancing is more new and nuanced.

When I was trying to find work as an actor in my twenties, free lancing elements were there but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, so what is left is the residue of panic and fear and, at best, imposter syndrome.
I’m now 41 and have held multi-year jobs in banking, education, and nonprofit leadership.
I’ve learned some stuff.
I’ve written a great deal–lesson plans, marketing materials, essays, blogs, reports…

But how do you capture experience and work ethic and personality in a website?

As I started to build a site for my business and introduce myself to folks, I realized I would need photos that were pretty specifically of “here I am being a professional writer”.

Turns out I didn’t have any on hand, so I called in reinforcements. Creatives unite!
My photographer (and writer and educator and artist) friend Dani met me to “capture my brand” as it turns out that “branding photography” is a whole genre.

I’ve done many photo shoots over the years as an actor along with family photo sessions and such, but today’s felt..surreal.

“Is ‘surreality’ a word?” I asked Dani.
“We can make it one.”
Like…surreal…but a noun.

Was I writing? Yes.
Was I drinking coffee? Yes (a magical coconut macaroon latte from the glorious ArtBar).
Was my document authentic? Yes (it was this one here).
But it was funny.
And surreal.
I was in my favorite coffee shop where other people were working and conversing, and my friend was taking photos of me “working”.

We were pointing a camera at it, but it was also authentically me.
Laughing at myself.
Chatting and creating something with my friend.
Soaking up sun and writing bits and pieces to capture the moment.
It was a step forward.
A move.

How do you create an environment, an outfit, a moment that is authentically you?

Maybe I should’ve left baby food schmutz on my shirt…

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