Cultivating love.

To the men and women in this world who work every day to pick the food that feeds us, who spend hours bent over in the fields under the hot sun so I can pretend food comes from the store… MAD RESPECT and IMMENSE GRATITUDE.
May God bless you.

In February of 2018, I took a leap of faith and stepped into the role of Executive Director for Flatwater Shakespeare Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. I live in Blue Hill, Nebraska, a two-hour drive from Lincoln. My husband’s work is here. I work remotely most of the time and commute when needed.

One big bonus of this major life change is that I get to see my parents on a regular basis. When I was teaching full time, I saw them around once a month…maybe. Now I see them two-five times a month, and usually stay there for a day or two at least once a month.

My dad retired last summer, so we get to sit and visit when I’m around. My parents kindly watch my dog, my Clancy Boy, when I am working.

This past weekend, Clancy and I were back home, but my folks headed to Grand Island for a weekend of cheering on my niece at her softball tournament.

My turn to help.

My parents have a beautiful yard they’ve spent the last 25 years cultivating, which includes a notable garden and orchard. It’s currently strawberry season. Though I’ve had enough of the seemingly-endless rain, the strawberries apparently love it. I picked ten pounds of strawberries over the two days. Approximately seven pounds the first day and three pounds the next.

Mub and Grub–EPIC

Gardening is not one of my skills.
I hate bugs. The five raised strawberry beds have an abundant population of roly polys (pill bugs), which are living their best life feasting on the berries that sit on the soil, leaving rather horrific, bloody pools of strawberry juice in their wake. There are also occasional daddy long legs, mosquitoes, and slugs. And though Mub and Grub, the snail and slug in EPIC, are cute and hilarious (voiced by Aziz Ansari and Chris O’Dowd), in real life, slugs are slimy and gross and not allowed to touch me.

Though I’d helped dad pick strawberries the week before, it took far longer working alone. My back hurt well before the picking was done. My leg muscles were super tight when I woke up the next day. And my dad does this EVERY DAY.

7 pounds of strawberries and the damning evidence that I am not great at berry picking.

This is all to say that my dad is amazing.
Sunday was Father’s Day AND it was my parents’ 42nd wedding anniversary.
And Monday was my mom’s birthday (and she is one year from retirement, but she has the count down to the day…so 362 days now to go).

I’m so blessed to have them as my parents and for the additional quality time I get to spend with them. And the quick run-ins as I drop off my Clancy and run off to work.

They are generous, hard-working, open, and kind people.
I’m a lucky duck.
Happy FathAnnivBirthSary, Mama and Daddio.

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