Letting Go: Literary Edition

Mommy’s book-sorting helper.

In May 2021 as we moved into major renovation phase, we moved out of our house and into a two bedroom rental across the street. That process involved some purging of things we didn’t use much, clothes that I’d not worn in a few years, and the boxing up of all the “not necessary right now but I don’t want to get rid of it either” stuff.

All those boxes went into a storage space, including about thirty boxes of books.
A couple boxes of books went with us into the house where I’d hoped we’d be for four months, but where we actually lived for eight months.

It wasn’t a realistic expectation–that we’d only be there for four months or that I’d read all those books in the time we were there.

Now we are fixing to move in a more permanent way from our beautifully renovated house into a smaller house that comes with my husband’s new gig.
Moving in the direction where God is leading into this new chapter is exciting and a bit scary, but letting go of this beautiful house we’ve poured a lot of time, money, and heart into….that is hard.

Sometimes letting go means big, hard things.
And sometimes letting go means small things…that are still hard.
I am contending with the reality that there simply is not space in our soon-to-be home for my 30+ boxes of books, and I’ve begun the sorting process.

I have
~books I’m not ready to part with
~books I want to keep, but it turns out I have multiple copies
~books to gift to my friends, mom, sisters, nieces, nephews
~books from my former classroom library that I am giving to
a friend who is doing a sort of book club with her many
nieces and nephews
~books I am hoping to sell to my favorite used book store,
but I know they have high standards for condition and also
navigate supply and demand
~books that are in a general give-away pile

I have always loved books. And shopping for books. And reading about books to add to a shopping list. Parting with books? Not so much.

After sorting through all 30 boxes and totes, I have over 400 books that are on their way out the door. I dropped off the book club books and about a dozen to my favorite coffee shop where they’ve just started a leave one/take one library–good timing!
The giving feels good.
And that is helping me to release this collection out into the world.

Among the books I am keeping is a box of “novels I’ve already read but want to keep anyway”– books I love deeply and want to be able to return to.
But I’ve decided that as I read through all my unread books, of which there are many, I am going to let them go right away–whether gifted or donated. I’m sure some will be added to the “keepin’ ’em anyway” collection, but for the most part it’ll be a commitment to Read & Release.

Letting go of big things.
Letting go of small things.
Change and growth often require release and mourning along with the leaps of faith and joy.

What are you holding on to?
What is collecting dust or stagnating in storage?
What is holding you back?
Is it time to let go?

One thought on “Letting Go: Literary Edition

  1. When we moved to a smaller house in the Fall of 2020, we rented a 10-yard rolloff. 35 years of basement, attic, closets and corners. Some stuff I had no idea we even owned. If it’s in the category of “I didn’t even know we had one” or even “I haven’t touched it in five years,” it’s hard to argue that we need to keep it. This is not Pemberly, full of historical heirlooms anyone really cares about. Give thanks. Then be ruthless. Kondo it.

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