We were made for relationship

Today’s thoughts for time such as these.
Once again, a sestina.

There’s no rhyming within each stanza, but the rhyme scheme rotates for each.
Stanza 1: A B C D E F
Stanza 2: F A E B D C
Stanza 3: C F D A B E
Stanza 4: E C B F A D
Stanza 5: D E A C F B
Stanza 6: B D F E C A

We Were Made For Relationship

Today’s reminder: We were made for relationship.
We all need and seek genuine connection.
And now gathering has been disallowed.
We are traveling a path still unmapped,
facing daily enigmas we need to decode
and seeking novel ways to stay afloat.

We are all in this together, learning by rote,
exploring new territory on an unwanted trip.
Life’s break-neck pace has now been slowed
as we focus on distance and disinfection.
And plans after plans have to be scrapped
and What Comes Next is under a shroud.

For all our safety, we now avoid the crowd.
Alone. And together. All in the same boat.
Connected. And separate. By technology rapt.
Daily life is now moving at a much slower clip,
as we have time for home and quiet reflection
and navigate ever-changing guidelines to be toed.

The Helpers are finding ways to help carry the load,
using the talents with which they are endowed.
We are looking up and seeking new direction
and wondering what this all will denote.
Where will the seams begin to stretch and rip?
How long before our energy’s zapped?

Or will we find freedom while we’re feeling trapped?
What will we discover while we travel this road?
What false beliefs will we be able to strip
away once more movement is allowed?
Will it change how we work? Teach? Live? Learn? and vote?
Will we seek truth and release misconception?

Perhaps we will find a chance at resurrection
underneath this pandemic wrapped.
Connection can come while we’re living remote.
Reach out. Reconnect. Reflect. And with love reload
for the day when we’re out from under this cloud.
Choose one another, for we were made for relationship.

May your time of self-distancing, of quarantine, be a time of restoration.
May we come out on the other side with our hearts more open and our eyes more clear.

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