Anticipation with a Chance of Anxiety

Most medical appointments are at least partly clouded with anxiety and are to be avoided if at all possible (both as a sign of health and because of the financial challenges of our system), but some are bathed in a mix of anxiety and anticipation.

Yesterday, Matt and I returned to the Good Life Birth Center in Lincoln to meet with the midwife and to see Baby on the ultrasound machine. There’ve been a few little flutters possibly indicating that Baby is moving, but it could have just been gas…I mean, there are a number of digestive side effects that come with pregnancy. This is still much better than the couple weeks where I felt fine but couldn’t tell that everything was going fine with Baby.

So, there is some anxiety: Is Baby okay? Healthy? Moving as expected? Growing as expected?
And anticipation: Excitement for the answer to all of the above to be a resounding YES!

Claire, the ultrasound technician, is clearly experienced as she looked at every detail of Baby’s anatomy: heart beat and blood flow, bone and brain development, and measurements of everything.

It turns out that bones are pretty creepy at every age.
It is a bizarre experience to see the visible/invisible baby growing inside one’s body.
Exciting and weird.
I kept commenting how weird it all was.

At one point, Claire wanted Baby to turn to get a better view. She was scanning the right side of my abdomen and took the device and *bloop, blooped* the left side of my abdomen to get Baby to turn. Baby’s first tickle.

At 20 weeks, Baby is 14oz with normal, healthy growth.
Except the legs.
Legs are above average length.
This is my fault.
My legs are above average length, too.

Here’s to continued healthy growth!
Here’s to Baby Girl Luke!

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