Thanks and Giving

At 6:30 this morning, it was cold and windy and clear.
By 8:30, everything was covered in snow.
Clancy is over the moon. He LOVES the snow. He bounds through and rolls in it. He insists on re-smelling EVERYTHING because it’s different now, Mom!

I am simply grateful that I do not have to go anywhere today.
The furnace is working.
The crockpot is working on dinner.
My husband will clear the snow when necessary.

And though I showered hours ago and have been working already, I am wearing pajama pants, as they are the most comfortable thing I own, and I’m not going anywhere.
If someone decides to stop by the house today for some mysterious reason, they’ll get pajama-pants-Summer.

And then, like the snow, my brain drifts….to those people who do not have a working furnace; to those who do have to be out working in this weather; to those who are out in this strong show of winter because they have no home and no work.

I am deeply grateful for all the Lord has provided.
I have faith that God will provide for all.
And I have no doubt that we are responsible for some of that provision.
Where, when, what can we give?
Who can we help?

Let us keep our eyes open to see the needs.
Let us keep our arms open to share the love.
Let us be generous is our Thanks and in our Giving.

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