If Wishing Made It So…

“There’s a big difference between wanting to do something and deciding to do something.” ~Paraphrased from memory (I mean…maybe I nailed it…) from Jen Sincero’s book, You Are A Badass.

There are a lot of things I WANT.
I want to be thin and fit.
I want to eat super healthy, delicious food all the time.
I want to get up early every day and be happy about it.
I want to travel all over the world.
I want to have a super clean and organized home.
I want to upgrade to the Subaru Ascent.
I want to earn an income from writing.
I want…
I want…
I want…

Those are lovely dreams and wishes that will stay dreams and wishes until I DECIDE to make them a reality. Once the decision is made, steps can be taken in the right direction.

Several months ago, I decided that I exercise every day. This is what I do.
This does not mean that I have consistently done it. Stuff comes up. Sickness happens. But it DOES mean I get immensely more exercise than I did prior to the decision. It is a priority.

Making the decision is powerful.
Making the decision is empowering.
Making the decision is what changes your mind.
Changing your mind is Step One. This week–following a long season of busy-ness–I’ve been overwhelmed by the chaotic nature of my house. Overwhelmed by clutter and mess.

And I am deciding.
And I am telling you, dear reader, because sharing decisions helps with accountability, that I have DECIDED that I live in a clean and organized home.
Is it clean and organized today? **snort**
But deciding to make the change is what will make the change.
Instead of being overwhelmed by the mess, I take on a small section and knock it out.

My house remains an active construction zone, and my husband and dog also live here, so there are some obstacles, but this is not Everest.
Not even the Himalayas.
This is a foothill.
One I’ll have to climb daily, but a foothill.

Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers–The Wizard of Oz

You have the power to make a change.
You just have to decide.
You GET TO decide.
So click those heels.

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