39 Trips Around the Sun

There are days when I feel every bit of those 39 years.
There are days it doesn’t seem remotely possible it’s been that long.

Art Bar Hastings ❤

The 39th revolution included:
A house rehab–from disaster to delightful.
Over 30,000 miles in the Subaru.
More time visiting with my parents.
An unexpected apple and pear harvest.
The launch of a property management business.
Our third summer at Royal Family Kids Camp.
Three productions for Flatwater Shakespeare.
A lot of Clancy snuggles and walks.
A renewed commitment to my health.
A great deal of frustration.
Time for reflection.
A great deal of time working.
A lot of love.
A lot of growth.

This Wednesday birthday was for sleeping in and an ice cream latte, for teaching kids about Shakespeare and grocery shopping, for Maple Cheerios for dinner and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, for noting the passage of time and looking toward the next chapter.
In this new year I aim to see the world, to draw closer, to find and to feel.
Here’s to life!

The motto of Life Magazine–The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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