Aim High

Another goal goes unreached.
On October 9, 2018, I set a goal to write 52 blog posts before October 9, 2019.
That deadline is a few hours away, and this is post number 42. A whopping ten short of the target.
I mean…FAILURE, amIright?!

I suppose I could sit here and crank out 10 separate ideas over the next couple hours, but that’s not likely. And can I really Reflect and Connect in that manner? Not the quality level for which I strive.

Over the last year, I have sent 42 thoughtful reflections out into the world. Some were read by dozens and some read by a handful of people. I’d love it if more people were reading them, and perhaps that will happen at some point.
But this goal was for me.
An aim to put thoughts into words and dare to publish them out into the void.
I shared 42 more ideas than I would have without the goal.
There are more reflections kicking around in my brain right now that long for an opening to be shared.
Their time will come.

Without the goal, without the target, without the DECISION to move forward, nothing would be achieved. It matters not that what I actually managed was 42 nuggets of thought instead of 52.

My 2019 Vision Board

With a few months left in the year, it is clear I will fall short on many of my aims for 2019. I’ve swam far less than I wanted to; that play has not been written; I’ve not been paid for any writing; and I’ve only gone on a handful of dates with that handsome man of mine. However, I am currently wrapping up work on an excellent production in which I co-star with Matt, which means we’ve spent a great deal of time together over the past two months. And ticket sales are going pretty well, so that goal is well underway.

Though the last two weeks of being drastically over-extended and then getting ill means I’ve fallen off my fitness regimen, I will return to it and have completed 118 workouts of my goal of 200–not entirely out of reach.

I don’t think the house addition will be completed in 2019, but we DID rehab another house from disaster to lovely home.

Today I launched the fall sessions of Little But Fierce, and the 62 students registered this fall pushes me way past the 100 student goal to 120.

My travel adventures were back-burnered, but they will be more prominent on the 2020 vision board.

I’m not mourning missing the goal.
I mean, I WANTED to hit it, but this is not a failure.
Miss it? Fine. SET ANOTHER GOAL.

New Goal: 52 blog posts by October 9, 2020.
We’ve got things to do.
Let’s go.

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