And just like that…September.

2019 Year-Long Goals:
-30 minute workout x 200 days
Currently at 104 of 200
-200 Clancy walks (measured in blocks as we stroll about town).
Currently at 60 of 200
-1820 laps swam (50 yards each) in the pool
Currently at 270 laps
-24 dates with Matthew
Still at 10.—This number is low for the goal, but currently, Matt and I are working on a show together and are spending four hours together in the car every night to and from rehearsal.
-Write 40 blog posts by Oct. 9 (52 blog posts in 52 weeks goal started on my 38th birthday)
This is number 38 of 54 with 4 1/2 weeks until my 39th birthday. YIKES.

New Month’s Resolutions:
–No bread (B+)
February–Vitamin/supplement consistency (A)
March–Make self-care a priority (B)
April–Move every day (24 of 30 days, plus 2 12-hour labor days–B)
May--no driving over 300 miles in a 48 hour period (A+) this one is important to continue.
June–Tried to start Portion Fix (B)
July–29 workouts in 31 days AND swim 60 laps. (A+ on workouts. F on laps)
August–no drive-through coffee (A) I drove through ONCE in August.
September–The limited driving thing is out the window this month with the back-and-forth to Lincoln every day. The drive-through coffee thing is out because of the insane schedule I’m keeping right now. BUT I can still make my workout a priority. Scheduling is intense—–I’m going to DECIDE that I will complete 30 workouts in these 30 days–even though it will mean doubling up on some days to hit it!

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