Life in High-Resolution

Two weeks ago I sent a pdf copy of a major project to three trusted friends for proofreading.
I worked on the project hours on end for several days prior.
The proofreading team then pointed out the many, many issues they noticed, and I caught some on my own.
I revised.
I re-sent.
They corrected.
I revised.
I re-sent.
They corrected.
An internet glitch while working on the road caused me to lose some changes and have to rebuild some pages.
I revised.
I re-sent.
They corrected.
After the final weigh-in and correcting a tiny but MAJOR error that had been overlooked again and again, I sent the final draft in for publishing.
And I prayed.

The company sent me a proof and recommended revising more as they could see resolution issues with some of the images included.

I reviewed.
I revised.
I re-sent.

The company sent me a second proof and said there were still unresolved issues and recommended I be certain to view it full size.
I reviewed.
I viewed it at 200% zoom.
I viewed it at 300% zoom.
I revised.
I replaced.
I viewed it at mega zoom again.
I revised and prayed.
And I re-sent it.
My last try before they start charging me for additional proofs.

And now I wait and consider.

This project took a huge amount of effort and time.
There were glaring errors that I should have seen myself before ever sharing it, and there were issues that I had to zoom way in to see after it had been reviewed by five separate parties.

And I wonder…
The flaws, the problems I see in myself: can others see them at all without zooming in or my pointing them out? When I worry how my body looks in the clothes I want to wear, does anyone else even notice? When I worry about falling short, is anyone else even watching me run my race?

And I worry…
What are the flaws, the problems in me that I can’t see at all? What am I overlooking?Are there things I am doing, saying, projecting that are glaring to others and they aren’t telling me? Where are my blindspots?

Am I working as hard on myself (mind, body, soul) as I am on my job?
Am I pouring this same level of effort into my relationships?

When I present my life to the Publisher, will He tell me I should have zoomed in?
It’s likely, honestly.
But perhaps there will be a noticeable difference in the record of my next 30+ years, where the life I’m living will come into clear focus.

Give me eyes to see.
Ears to hear.
And courage to take action.

Here’s to living a life in high-resolution!

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