And I would walk 500 miles…

I’ve logged over 2200 miles in the last ten days.
And all for love.
West to Fort Collins, Colorado for my brother-in-law’s wedding, which was a really wonderful event and celebration.
We love them both so much.
We drove back from Fort Collins, nearly 400 miles east, and the next day began rehearsals for MACBETH in Lincoln, another 125 miles further east.
Matt and I do not have the opportunity to be actors often, and working together is even more rare.

How I Met Your Mother/The Proclaimers

Being able to make it possible, however, means driving back and forth between Lincoln, where the theatre is, and Blue Hill, where Matt’s work is based. Matt, additionally, is knee-deep in grain bin building season, and the bins are 100 miles west of home. These added miles may be more out of duty/responsibility/loyalty than love, but there is love rooting those reasons as well.

All this travel is hard on a body.
Working all day then commuting to work in the evening and returning home is hard on a body and also requires vehicle maintenance.
It also means that I get four hours with Matt in the car each day. More time than we normally get to spend together during waking hours.
And, O, to be part of a company of storytellers committed to the work!

I am grateful for the opportunity to play this role.
I am grateful that Matt is by my side for it all.
I am grateful for coffee.
I am grateful that my Subaru gets good gas mileage.
I am grateful for friends and family who provide additional Clancy care to help him through our being so overbooked.
And I am oh so grateful for this rainy Saturday that doesn’t require any miles of me and insists on rest.

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