Choosing health

My body is tired.
But my body is also stronger than it was four weeks ago.
I LIKE my body much better than I did four weeks ago.
Because I’m controlling what I can control.
Some days I do well with my nutrition and some days not so much, but I’m actively working on it.
I’m actively CHOOSING my health.

We’re 7 months through this revolution around the sun.
Here’s my July accountability check in:

2019 Year-Long Goals:
-30 minute workout x 200 days
Currently at 72 of 200
-200 Clancy walks (measured in blocks as we stroll about town).
Currently at 55 of 200
-1820 laps swam (50 yards each) in the pool
Currently at 260 laps
-24 dates with Matthew
Still at 7. No dates thus far in July. Sigh.
-Write 40 blog posts by Oct. 9 (52 blog posts in 52 weeks goal started on my 38th birthday)
This is number 34 of 54 with 9 1/2 weeks until my 39th birthday. (I had to count
on a calendar. This is not something I knew off the top of my head.)

New Month’s Resolutions:
–No bread (B+)
February–Vitamin/supplement consistency (A)
March–Make self-care a priority (B)
April–Move every day (24 of 30 days, plus 2 12-hour labor days–B)
May--no driving over 300 miles in a 48 hour period (A+) this one is important to continue.
June–Tried to start Portion Fix (a Beachbody program on portion control.) I was SUPPOSED to start this in May but couldn’t get rolling. I’ve improved portion and tracking food quite a bit over the past three weeks. (B)

July–29 workouts in 31 days AND swim 60 laps. (A+ on workouts. F on laps)
Well, the swimming goal was actually foolish as I knew I’d be out of town so much this month. So only 26 laps hit.

Workouts, however, go wherever I go. I did NOT do a workout on July 1 or 13.
So I’m at 27 workouts in 29 days. I WILL workout today and I WILL workout tomorrow, nailing that 29 workout goal.

I’m giving up Scooters Coffee.
Note, I am NOT giving up coffee….but that drive through is dangerously convenient and has become a problem.
I will also continue the workout schedule I’m on because it makes me feel really good to not miss a day.

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