Continue the climb.

Setting goals. Tracking progress. Writing it all down.
Recently in a conversation with a friend, she commented on someone else not “making choices contrary to their goals” and, phew, did I feel SEEN.

I have a lot of goals and aims and hopes, and I OFTEN make choices that are contrary to achieving those things.

So, I’m really striving to re-focus on keeping track of the choices I make and evaluating if I’m moving toward where I want to be.

We’ve just crossed the threshold into the second half of the year, so I’m looking at my 2019 vision board and seeing how far I’ve come and where I want to go.

2019 Year-Long Goals:
-30 minute workout x 200 days
-200 Clancy walks (measured in blocks as we stroll about town).
-1820 laps swam (50 yards each) in the pool
-24 dates with Matthew
-Write 40 blog posts by Oct. 9 (52 blog posts in 52 weeks goal started on my 38th birthday)

After SIX months:
47 workouts (I have 179 days to get in 153 workouts. I CAN DO THIS!)
45 walks (again, 179 days to get in 155 walks–this will be more challenging due to weather, and this past week, random explosions. May have to do some doubling up.)
234 laps—NOT REMOTELY CLOSE. This is one that likely won’t be reached. However, I will continue to swim and strive to get there more often.
Dates–pretty low on this too, though still achievable. I think we’ve had 7 date nights. We work a lot. This is not okay.
Blogs–This is #32 of 52 (with 12 weeks to go until my birthday)

New Month’s Resolutions:
–No bread (B+)
February–Vitamin/supplement consistency (A)
March–Make self-care a priority (B)
April–Move every day (24 of 30 days, plus 2 12-hour labor days–B)
May--no driving over 300 miles in a 48 hour period (A+) this one is important to continue.
June–Tried to start Portion Fix (a Beachbody program on portion control.) I was SUPPOSED to start this in May but couldn’t get rolling. I’ve improved portion and tracking food quite a bit over the past three weeks. (B)

July–29 workouts in 31 days AND swim 60 laps.
This gives me a little flexibility, but I am determined to be my rear in gear.
To help with this, I have set up the My Challenge Tracker app and committed to post every day.

Tickets–46% to goal
Tour–91% achieved
Students–50% achieved
Curriculum–3 of 3. Achieved.

3 day Shakespeare Intensive
2 movement workshops at International Thespian Convention.

There is a lot on my 2019 vision board, and some of these things won’t happen in the next six months, but by creating it and putting these hopes and goals out into the world, the chances are vastly increased.

I keep striving.
I continue the climb.
The odds are ever in my favor.

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