Growing Pains

The process of growth always involves some pain.
I remember lying on the couch in general agony as my bones grew, convinced I could feel my femurs getting longer.
(I reached my full height of 5’9″ by age 12; there were some pretty rough growth spurts.)

Being engulfed in the Shakespeare Intensive over the weekend brought growth and, therefore, some pain. Actor training requires vulnerability and there are emotional and psychological pangs.
This process also brings revelation of tension–where have I been holding it in my body? When I let it go in my jaw, is it gone or did it move to my hand?
The tension I released in my shoulders the first night was profound and painful. Moving them slightly back toward my ears relieved the pain but only due to habit.

I awoke with a headache Monday morning after the intensive. That pain persisted to the point of nausea by Monday evening, remained through all of Tuesday morning–though notably reduced–and finally subsided Tuesday evening.
I spent today in self care.
Hair update.
Calm coffee time.
Chatting with folks at the Art Bar.
And striving to do the required work correspondence without allowing any stress to build.

I am committed to keeping my shoulders where they belong.
I am committed to overcoming the pain in order to allow the growth.

Today also marks the beginning of a brand new, sparkly month and demands reflection on goals:

2019 Year-Long Goals:
-30 minute workout x 200 days
-200 Clancy walks (measured in blocks as we stroll about town).
-1820 laps swam (50 yards each) in the pool
-24 dates with Matthew
-Write 40 blog posts by Oct. 9 (52 blog posts in 52 weeks goal started on my 38th birthday)

After FOUR months:
39 workouts
30 Clancy walks
161 laps swam
6 dates
Blog posts–this is #27

New Month’s Resolutions:
–No bread (B+)
February–Vitamin/supplement consistency (A)
March–Make self-care a priority (B)
April–Move every day (A)

I did NOT move EVERY day. I moved 24 of 30 days.
But I swam 3 days, worked out 9 days, walked 15 days, and ran/walked a 5K. That’s a pretty solid month regarding this goal.

And those 6 days of not moving…Two were spent working all-the-day-long on the house project, three were spent deeply engaged in the 19 hour Shakespeare & Co Intensive, and one was Easter spent with family. I’m good with these choices.

May–I will schedule my commitments so as to not drive more than 300 miles in any 48 hour period. (I drove 900 miles over the past five days, and it is just too hard on my body.)

Also need to really focus on improving my work on my swimming goal.
Time to step it up.

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