Vision 2019: #what’snext

The striving toward goals continues!

2019 Year-Long Goals:
-30 minute workout x 200 days
-200 Clancy walks (measured in blocks as we stroll about town).
-1820 laps swam (50 yards each) in the pool
-24 dates with Matthew
-Write 40 blog posts by Oct. 9 (52 blog posts in 52 weeks goal started on my 38th birthday)

After three months:
29 workouts
15 Clancy walks
126 laps swam
5 dates
Blog posts–this is #23

New Month’s Resolutions:
–No bread (B+)
February–Vitamin/supplement consistency (A)
March–Make self-care a priority (B)
My no-bread eating took a back seat with work commitments putting me in a place that mostly offers sandwiches for a couple weeks (delicious, delicious sandwiches…). Self-care took the form of spending time with people I love, not taking jobs that make life worse, and keeping up on the vitamin/supplements (still earning an A on that one). And today I get back on track with the “SERIOUSLY, you don’t feel good when you eat bread, so just stop it already!” goal.

This month’s resolution will move me forward on the goals of swimming, workouts, and Clancy walks as I will do AT LEAST ONE of them every day for the next 30 days.
This April Fool’s day started with 12 laps in the pool and will include a Clancy walk this afternoon.

We are 90 days into this “new” year…275 days to go.
I’m pretty behind on swimming laps and Clancy walks, but spring MAY have sprung. I mean, it snowed three days ago, but the sun is shining today and hope is blossoming.

Although there are areas where I know I’m behind, this year-long-goal approach is keeping me focused on moving forward instead of failures and shortcomings, on the 275 days ahead instead of the 90 days gone.

Here’s to the next lap, the next block, the next creative expression, the next project, the next workout, the next pound lost, the next idea coming to fruition.
Here’s to what’s next!

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